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Colortrac SmartLF SG44

Yüksek kaliteli, bağımsız geniş format tarama çözümleri Üstün renklere sahip net ve doğru sonuçlar veren SmartLF-SG Serisi geniş format tarayıcılar, grafik profesyonellerinin ihtiyacı olan ve hızlı teknik görüntüleme için gereken canlı, doğru renkleri aslına sadık biçimde üretmek için mükemmel tercihtir.

Bröşür Sürücüsü
Choice of Colour or Express Colour 44” wide scanning
Superb quality with CCD sensor technology and 1200dpi high definition
Stay productive with scanning at up to 13ips (mono) and 8ips (colour)
Versatile media handling up to 15mm thick
2GB of on-board scan data memory
Plug and play USB connection
Ethernet connection for easy networking into existing workflows
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Superb quality
SmartLF SG Series 44” large format scanner combines all the advantages of CCD technology’s superior colour imaging – the ability to scan a wide colour gamut and a high dynamic range - with market-leading 1200 dpi optical resolution. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colours for graphics professionals from artwork, photographs and graphics originals, as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.
High productivity
Stay productive with fast scanning of up to 13 inches per second in mono and 8 inches per second in colour (200dpi). SmartLF-SG scanners also feature an innovative LED lighting system that provides instant-on productivity from the moment you power on - with no warm up or waiting time required. A useful magnetic document guide helps you achieve easier, more reliable and skew-free loading in high volume environments. Service and calibration requirements are also minimal for uninterrupted operation.
Scan thick media with ease
A thick media system allows documents up to 15mm thick to be scanned with ease. Even images mounted on materials like foam-based boards can be scanned without sacrificing quality.
2GB scan data memory
2GB of onboard scan data memory ensures smooth progress of the document through the scanner - even if the computer experiences sudden sluggishness or the Ethernet network is unexpectedly busy.
Start scanning and copying straight away
Plug and play set up means you can simply plug the scanner into your PC via USB2 or USB3 and start enjoying fast, high quality scanning without waiting for specialist support from IT. SmartLF ‘ready to run’ software enables you to install the machine quickly and easily and begin scanning or copying right away.
Network ready
The SmartLF SG large format scanner is network ready with a gigabit Ethernet connection that means you can easily connect to your business LAN and quickly enjoy fast, efficient file transfers.
Environmentally friendly